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mutual kick up the arse community's Journal
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Thursday, July 1st, 2010
11:56 am
Hi guys!

i\m in kuta now and going to ubud for an interview - desperately need medium quality digi cam

if you gonna go to ubud/ or can RENT me a cam sms me 081 353 089 381 Daria
Friday, January 11th, 2008
10:47 pm
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Thursday, January 10th, 2008
10:31 pm
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Monday, June 28th, 2004
8:34 pm
ima newbie
hi all!
(cat on shoulder - purring - typing with one hand)

i feel i belong to thisgroup - i am a sloth... tho i am not dead yet...

i have done, and wanna do more of (but am too friggin unmotivated o something to) :

-singing (well, i AM a karaoke addict at least)
-songrwriting (I like about 80 years of music)
-recording (I have 4track recorder, computer in desprit need of upgrading so i can record vox n instr. thru acid program)
-completing cd album projects (new & taped backlog projects)
-completing cd covers (i am a graphic artist by day)
-cartooning some more (maybe more comic books - big nosed guys, NOT anime or super heroes)
-produce local tv
-go to open mic nites

I play open-E guitar, bass and drums, as well as know my way well-enuf around a keyboard.

I like a lot of music, collect CDs and records. I love foreign pop. Here's a one-off of choosing one artist per decade (if one of these artists makes you think of another, I prob like them too):
50s: Screamin' Jay Hawkins
60s: Monkees
70s: Nilsson
80s: Split Enz
90s: Ween
00s: Eagles of Death Metal


aka Rev. Spike Beasley

ps www.OrangeEntropy.com
go to 'artists' and look for "Thomas Ferranti", "The Sleepwalkers", "Those Beasleys" and "Fustercluck" - these are projects that I wrote for and sing. You can hear complete songs by going to 'sounds' and sorting by artist, and looking for the ones ive listed.

And yes, I have some pull with the label and would love to hear what others are doing, that we might be able to help each other out and spread our music!

Current Mood: tired
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
12:22 am
"the patrons are leaving too"
potential hits-in-progress which might be included on my forthcoming release, which may be an ep or maybe an album, which perhaps will be called flywheel, shyster and flywheel and might just get done sometime before summer:

the pigeons
a lovely wee acoustic picking-style effort, featuring what i believe to be the chords to 'where is love?' from oliver, alongside lyrics about pigeons infiltrating a baguette shop

i wanted to travel
pleasant palm-mute-filled strum-along ditty with a two-chord chorus and lashings of minor 7ths

your gear is sacred
ludicrous pop number based around a thoroughly daft strumming technique i've 'discovered', plus typically plinky top-string shenanigans in the foreground

glib arousal
potentially a 'giant' of a hit, this currently features at least 4 sections which i plan to link with super-duper drum fills and ear-splittingly trebly bass. the first section is based on the opening bit of 'nausea' by uvs, with the second sounding a bit like old-skool baker, perhaps. the third may sound like the breeders, and the fourth is presently a bit naff, but may end up being so squealy that you don't have time to realise how daft it is

do i kill? (+ 420 desc.)
a fiddly japan-esque intro segued, hopefully effortlessly, into a nice warm three-chord country-ish ditty about the dilemmas associated with homicide

shark cartilage
as yet just a very pleasant 4-chord sequence accompanied by a little bass riff that makes me think of the clientele a bit

'omnibus' interlude
20 seconds of what sounds like a giant walking along very slowly, doing a little happy jump every other step

no more cities
very sweet b+s style pop tune about fucking off out of the city once and for all

Current Mood: 'sweet as'
Friday, January 10th, 2003
12:25 am
information concerning my 'work' in 'progress'
this ep/album might be called 'dog friend' but i am as yet largely unsure

sex at parties (FINISHED!)
a small bi-part thing linked by a couple of seconds of meandery melodic action very much in the vein of old-skool me, in which the first half is fairly abrasive with high pitched singing and the second half is crunchy and loud and based on the tune from 'you are my sunshine'

baker is made of zink (FINISHED!)
super jazzy wee instrumental featuring almighty percussion from m'wee casio and cheesy acoustic improvised nonsense :D

i owe jad fair twelve hundred dollars (FINISHED!)
fun bi-acoustic ditty with a really filthy bit of xylophone at the end alongside some possessed-sounding percussion

to the crystal dome!
this is potentially the best thing of all time, i've got the 'chorus' pinned down and it's a wonderful chunky thang... my first idea for the verse sounds like system of a down which i may well stick with 'cause it'd be RAD

yesterday and/or tomorrow
based around the chords to the theme tune of 'kal bhi aaj bhi', an appallingly bad asian television programme, i've just got the intro to this so far which features a dramatic/silly/crunchy 'riff' and ridiculous queen-esque pauses

my alter ego as a balearic holiday 'rep'
this is a catchy and shamelessly positive sounding 'indie rock' anthem whose lyrics i am terrified of writing

bootlegging buskers on a dictaphone
might end up sounding utterly lovely if i can 'capture' the right 'sound', otherwise it's potentially a big murky child's paint pallete of a song... this song perhaps requires the most effort of them all to finish writing

gift-wrapped scented candles
been meaning to do this one since early summer, it was meant to be done for 'the underclass media group' but i didn't have the presence of mind to 'pull it off'... to jog your memory it's a ludicrously long epic closer-thing which actually will probably take more effort than 'bootlegging'...

Current Mood: rather lovely
Monday, August 12th, 2002
8:46 pm


Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, July 10th, 2002
12:38 am
the earthward tarok bomb ep: has been here all day

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, July 9th, 2002
1:39 am
fuck me, tomorrow i'm going to get the violin bow out and see if i can make that ace swooshy igneous rock sound that the fella out of sigur rs makes

Current Mood: swooshy and lovely
Saturday, July 6th, 2002
6:04 pm
my stupid oiled tits
vertical horses
done and dusted, as you may already be aware

say yes to strangers
slow/lazy-sounding country-tinged thing with plinky-plonky melody and no actual lyrics to speak of just yet. awaiting drum pattern and better structure

i hate pink floyd
odd-ish experiment involving breaking up chords into separate tracks... partly written but little more than an idea yet, really

gift-wrapped scented candles
daft epic album-closing type bastard with crunchy pavement-esque string bending and power chords, and a nice big repeating bit

eating chocolate raisins outside the shop where i stole them
frantic pop-ish ditty that i might make into a silly stereo experiment. shouldn't take all that long really, it's gonna be dead short

Current Mood: fairly ill
Sunday, June 16th, 2002
11:42 pm
what kind of paint is best for finger painting?
is it just like normal poster paint?

Current Mood: depressed
7:20 pm
feeling insainly creative

but noooo must not...
must revise
must sit down with books and copy stuff
down then memorise it.


Current Mood: (sighs)
Saturday, June 15th, 2002
5:39 pm
hellofa not feeling creative today
in any way whatsoever.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, June 13th, 2002
11:01 pm
creative eh.. hmm
well.. i played fur elise reeeaaally loud
also played 'o mio babbino caro' badly
and the blue danube which i love
and tomorow i'll get real good at 'pizzicato'
from the ballet sylvia
and bag me some piana lessons
and get me guitar back from bakers
and sing some.

Current Mood: bored
10:21 pm
i finished and mixd a song. anybody want it?

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
8:40 pm
web shite
right, i'm starting on my shiny website this eve, despite having nowhere to host it and only two ideas with which to construct it:
  1. it's going to be based around my shabby choons
  2. it's going to incorporate some or more of my contemptible pen-scrawlings.
help and stuff = welcomed from anyone who knows their shite, and possibly even those that don't.

Current Mood: yyhhh
Monday, June 10th, 2002
6:49 pm
gonna get mah shit together bwoy
right, progress as relates to me sorting myself out into doing more ace stuff is going as follows:

i cleared all my stuff away from the area where i actually do stuff (ie the desk and the whole space around the 4-track) and put it all in a big-arse pile on the floor, so while my room's not technically properly tidy yet i do at least feel like i can get things done a bit.

the thing i wrote the other night is called 'abandoned swimming pool full of nasturtiums (at night)', and will probably feature a xylophone, some singing (once i've written some wordage) and a plinky guitar bit on the other 3 tracks.

i sorted out a load of tapes today, and found some ace bits and bobs that i'm planning to incorporate into future choons, even though i didn't technically write any of them. after i've eaten some canneloni i'm going to go to sarah's to help out with some maths and stuff, and then tomorra she's hopefully going to come back here and help me out as regards tidying and chores and stuff, which should be ace. then, tomorrow night i'm going to sign m'self up for some tasty webspace, and start work on my/the shabby bastard recordings website.


Current Mood: yeah!
1:16 pm
started doing this novel thing a few months ago but i haven't done any on it for ages. here's a bit from it, do tell me what you reckon.

fuckchopsCollapse )

Current Mood: fresh
Friday, June 7th, 2002
12:59 am
yeah well ive suddenly come over all creative
at a time when i should be revising for my
started a painting yesterday did it for about
10 hours..and carried on today..and once i get
off the internet i shall continue
then i shall get bored and leave it for months/ever

this is good but in so many ways bad
have to learn frigging sonnets and
a play for my first exam on monday etc
12:13 am
non-musical related creativity
after much encouragement from my dear matthew to "be creative" i fear i will fail my A levels, since the revision to creative things created ratio looks something like this

0 : many

revisions starts tomorrow ;)

Current Mood: work avoidant
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